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May 18th, 2004 - The Orientalist

About May 18th, 2004

10:43 am
Well it has been almost a month since I made my last post, and not much has really happened. in fact it is cursing how little planning I have do for my trip so far. besides. poking though my Rough Guide on the Metro or bus I have not have come up with anything approaching a plan. In fact I have bough either a visa or travel insurance. However, for the record I think I will spend the first two weeks in Cairo, then take a train down to Aswan, boat it up to Luxor and then maybe boot it over to Sinai.
Well that is about it for know, although I am thinking of doing a little design of the page.
Current Music: Alian -Outkasts

11:25 am
Just located a great webpage for information about going to Egypt. http://www.egyptsearch.com - check it out.
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