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May 25th, 2004 - The Orientalist

About May 25th, 2004

CAI 11:15 pm
I now realize that there is no fetish, obsession or
perversion the internet will not serve. A week ago I became sick of
rereading my Rough Guide, and decided to search the Internet for photos of other peoples trip to get a better idea of where I would like to travel. I am sure I have talked about this in an earlier post, but when I travel I create this 2 dimensional slide show of my trip, composed of pictures from guide books, websites and pure imagination of what my trip will look like. So about a week ago I figured I should add a couple more shots to my premeditated slide show. To begin with I figured I would search out images for the very begging of my trip, so I looked on the Internet for shots of Cairo International Airport. I should have known better, that not only am I not the first person to look interior photos of CAI, but that on the internet such an interest exists that somebody built a whole site about it. At the http://www.cruisinaltitude.com/ section dedicated to CAI I found dozens of photos of the airport, in both day and night, at arrivals and departures and a nice shot of some wide escalators, which I now know lead to the duty free shop. I cannot figure out why this information is useful, the site does not offer advice, reviews or tips about CAI, but a collection of hastily taken snaps. The worst part is the site is really well designed; somebody really wanted to make sure they were working on the definitive CAI photo site.
Check out a few of these shots
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Or check out the CAI site
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