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June 1st, 2004 - The Orientalist

About June 1st, 2004

Getting ‘Yellowed’ 08:36 pm
I now know there are two ways you can get Yellow Fever, the least likely way to contract ‘Yellow’ is to travel to Africa or South America and the most likely is to hand over sixty five dollars to the Ottawa Riverside Travel Health Clinic. Once you get past the thirty dollars doctor consulting fee, a nurse will take you aside and stick all sorts of retro dieses up your arm. Being Canadian I really have difficult with paying for your health care with a visa or MasterCard. I of course know that every visit to a doctor is just builled to the provincial government, but it all seems to change when a doctor will not see you in less you can pay the thirty or so dollars, but it almost seems like to little. As if the gateway to prescription drugs, physiotherapy, immunization, rehab, paid days off work, and new children only costs thirty-five dollars. As for the immunization, this is all speculation, because my appointment is not in till next Thursday, which is turning out to be quite a day. After my immune system is ‘yellowed’ I booted it up to Montreal, to graduate from a little thing called University, come back to Ottawa for a reception at my parents house then head back that night because my flight leaves the next day.

Also, I bought a money belt today, it’s the same money belt my Girlfriend owns and it is the same money belt at the same price in every money belt stocking store in Canada. It appears the money belt market is cornered.
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