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June 10th, 2004 - The Orientalist

About June 10th, 2004

Bon Voyage 12:39 am
The next time i update this blog of mind I will have reached my destination. I though before I left I would leave this copy of the email I sent out to all my friends before I left.

In two days I, the once young, now Communications grad will be boarding a
plan in the early morning to Cairo. I am informing all of you of this
fact so as to stop sending me all these, jobs, offerers of money,
approved Canada Conciel grands, movie deals and record contracts that i
have been inadated with since graduation, all right, maybe not. I am
actually witting all of you to let you know i won't be answering my phone
for the next two months and you are receiving the first of the many email
updates of my trip to the middle east. For those who have not heard of my
trip, i will be taking the next two months, maybe more if i get a job in
Egypt, Jordan and Israel. Three places that i am not really sure why i am
visiting or what i plan to do when i get there. When i do arrive in
Cairo, at eleven in the morning on Sunday I will be able to claim the
title 'the loneliest man in Africa' for the sheer fact that i know
nobody. Nothing is planned and in fact i have not even packed my bag
yet. Overall I hope at the very least this whole excessive will allow me
to distract myself with the bigger questions of what i wish to do with my
life, even though i have a sneaking suspstion it will involve lots of
grant proposals and day jobs moving lights around, but then again who
knows? Maybe I will wish to fufille my childhood dream of operating a
back-hoe. Now, I should finish packing, but i will end with a promises to
respect your inboxs, and not send updates every time thoughts of 'how
traveling puts everything in perspective' or 'we are so lucky to be
Canadian' both of which are true of course. For those however who do want
more then these little email dispatches i have set up a blog. The blog is
called 'The Orientalist' and can be reached at

In till Cairo

p.s. i will continue to write poor English in my email's so everybody
will be able to verify it is in fact me corspeonding with all of you.

01:00 am

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