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June 17th, 2004 - The Orientalist

About June 17th, 2004

Aswan 04:55 pm
Hello all
Well it has been a while since I last updated my blog, so here goes. for the past few days i have been living in the youth hostel right next to the train station. Awane is hot, very hot actully aswane in the afternoon is about 45 degrees, although a cool breze blows off the nile you can't escapte the heat. As a result i spend my morning going to sites and monuments and my afternoon hindout in the a/c, only to emerge like everyone else at dusk. at night the town comes alive, its very diffrent then in canada, everybody goes at nigh, every night of the week, you see familes walking around with their children up to midnight. The people are very nice and in the evening when i have not westerns to hang out with i can just walk up and down the main drag, in front of the nile and strike up conversation with egpytions. I do admit i am getting a little borad of aswan mainly because there are not to many tourist here, most of them are here as part of package tours and simply shuttled on and off ships, but since i am here for two moneths i am taking my time and will not be leaving till sunday, when i will boad a train and take it to Luxor where i will spend a week or so. overall i am still getting use to adjusting to travling life, it reminds me a lot of frontier college in that there are not as many distraction as back home, no tv, no movies, no music (i don't walk around with my cd player cause i just feel like i am flaunting riches) and no friends ( i miss everyone very much) so like frontier college i just have to learn to get use to chilling out and enjoying my time, which means i spend a lot of time just walking up and done the the nile talking to people and saying to to boat trips (captions come up and harrese every five minutes into going on one of their boat trips).
anyways that is all for now, and i will send out another big email on sunday or monday when i leave for luxor.
in till then
much love
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