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June 29th, 2004 - The Orientalist

About June 29th, 2004

Dahab 2 12:04 pm
Well everyone this is just a minor update, i am currently working on a post about my trip up Mont Siani, but that will have to wait in till tommrow. I am still of course in Dahab, in fact i am here much longer then i imagined i would be, but Dahab is that kind of place. Just like the weather, nothing changes in Dahab. The same 10 pond egyption breakfast each morning, the same snorking stop, the same place to watch the EuroCup. There are few few reason to leave Dahab, you can eat well for 10 ponds, sleep in a hotel room with a private bath and a balconey for 10 ponds and besides renting diving gear, and internet cafes there is not much to spend money on. I like Dahab, but its also a trap, because before you know it you have lost a sense of time and you have been here a week.
I wake up, read, eat breakfast, fall back asleep, eat again, go on the internt, write, write, take another nap, maybe snorkole then head to Adam's bar to watch the Euro cup which i am only somewhat intersted in. Although i am quite content in Dahab i miss the culture of Cairo, and Aswan. As anybody who has vistied Egypt will tell you Dahab and the Sinai is very differnt from the contry.

In fact my biggest past time in Dahab for the past two days is reading about the upcomming federal election in Canada. This is a private passtime because as much as this election fills with me with terror and excitement nobody else seemsto really care. Canadian politics, unlike Middel Eastern politics matter only to Canadians. Today i read an article in the Globe about how the rest of the world does not care that we have a sepratist party holding a bunch of seats, or that the country is splity 30/30/30, or that we had a big sponsership scandel and the liberals are going to suffer a big lose, gay marraige and pot laws may raise a few eyebrows but other then that it just me and the online globe and mail webpage.
Because of the time differance between Egypt and Canada watching the election unfold, which is euphoria for an information junky, is impposaible. I would have to find an internet cafa open a seven in the morning if i wanted to here the tail end of the results, never mind getting up at three to here then start to roll in on the net.

Hopefully tommorow I will leave for Taba, which is on the Israeli border, i think i am more excited to visit the holy land then egypt, but wheater i can leave tommrow is starting to look dicey. Inshallah I will be on the 1030 am bus for Taba, but then again inshallah means just that inshallah.
Also while chatting to my girlfriend on MSN yesterday afternoon i found out that her play won best of venue at the Ottawa fringe, yeah i know how to chose them :)

Well intill then
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