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July 8th, 2004 - The Orientalist

About July 8th, 2004

Mut 05:35 pm
Here is an email i sent to my parents in lue of a real update, on account of the slow internt of the western desert i was unable to spell check it
proceed with caution

hey guys
hope you did not think i was dead cause you had not heard from me in a while, but in fact i am alive and in mut. where is mut, i have little idea, but its somewhere in the middle of big desert desert. Mut is an oasis abd fir for the past three days i have been travavaling between three oasis, bhyria, farafa and now the dhalkla oasis (in the mut part of it). to get here i crammed myself into a tax built for seven (their were nine of us in the taxi) and for for four hours traveled though all sorts of different kinds of deserts, the sand dune kind, the plains of yellow sand kind and even the gravel kind. when we claimed a hill, i saw nothing but desert, the only none desert was a military check point (very furthorw 'where you from' 'canada', 'very good, on you go') and a store where we stopped and i bought a hoho. now i am in a really nice hotel, surprise there are the first tourist i've seen since i left Cairo, and i do think their might be cnn on the satalight, although all the Egyptian men want to watch is britnaty spears videos. anyway i am going to take the overnight bus to cairo tommrow, asumming my massive blister does not do me in.
much love
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