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August 12th, 2004 - The Orientalist

About August 12th, 2004

Home 11:47 am
Well i am back in Canada and it is a very bizarre
experience. What I remembered as home seems foreign to me. I spent the last three days with Annie from Concordia; on my last night we went upscale, spending the evening at the Cairo Opera House and a late dinner at a seafood restaurant. We stayed up all night walking along the Nile. Cairo is the real city that never sleeps, in the summer families picnic and walk around up till the 4:30 call to prayer because its too hot during the day.

As i walked off the airplane i saw rain for the first time in two months, in front of me was a women wearing a Concordia backpack. Everyone was like me and spoke English and I was not use to being one with crowed. Shopping was also bizarre; I had to remember what was expensive and what different
prices meant. I was amazed by the amount of producers you could find in stories. Whenever somebody spoke English I would turn around because i assumed they were talking to me. Overall I am glad to be back in Canada but i really miss Cairo, i miss seeing people, in Egypt there are so
many people you cannot fit on the street, here the streets look empty. Also knowing that i won't be hearing the call to prayer five times a day, from hundreds of mosques in Cairo saddens me because i know i will never hear something like that in Canada. I have a feeling however, that I will be back in Cairo sooner rather then later, just because I felt I had such a connection to the place. Anyways I am back in Canada, so feel free to drop me a line.
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