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10th June 2004 - The Orientalist

About 10th June 2004

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Date:June 12th, 2004 11:17 am (UTC)

Re: ?

the page is empty.
It is 2:06 ottawa time, Saturday june 12, and my question for you is ARE YOU IN EGYPT YET? I demand you entertain me with crazy amuzing stories of your oriental jouney. So get your donkey bottom to egypt now so the creation of cool stories may begin. But always remember the wise words of homer simpsons when he adressed the members of the band 'the smashing pumkins' on the subjcet of water consumption. "If its black throw it back, if it's brown drink it down!"
ps don't you find that subject icon like so annoying (hmm kind of like michael)
love your sis Erin
PSS stay safe
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