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Aswan - The Orientalist

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Date:June 23rd, 2004 12:35 pm (UTC)

Just typeing to say hey. It sounds very lonly. There was this huge traking shot the i remember Mr.Steve showing the class back when i was in com-tech. I think the movie it was taken from was called shelltering sky or something. Any way it was about this woman who after getting divarced lives her whole life behind and goses to this very desolate afganistan like coutry where she is sourounded by forign sights tastes and sounds. It's like she's on this self mposed exile from everything she has ever known inorder to find out who she is. When i read your jounal entry it made me think of it. At the time mr.steve stressed how forigen the scene was to the charater the the lonely isolation that the scene was showing.

I often escape from the reality around me when real life starts to seem to scary. I have even withdrawn from the world around me for months at a time. That is my way of dealing with my...

When i was asking kathryn about kaz at your grad she said that unless kaz gets a bone marrow transplant thingy from her brother she won't live. Can that really be true? Is it really that bad?

I assume mom told you about mrs. cole's family scandal so i won't bother you with that. I hope to go see emily's play with mom soon.
In case any one is wondering that thing with that guy, chris from work, is like so over.
It's funny how it's eaiser to type about something than it is to talk about it. I think it is the lack of a face that dose that.
send me an email soon
lots and lots of love
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