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The Israel Visa Stamp - The Orientalist

About The Israel Visa Stamp

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Date:January 2nd, 2008 04:24 pm (UTC)

reply to your posting

Hi Orientalist,

your comment is inaccurate. When you leave Taba (and I am writing from Taba right now, and going to Israel tomorrow), and go into Israel, or whenever you go into Israel for that matter, DO NOT get the Israeli stamp. Of course they can see that you left Taba by foot and went where ? Israel is the only option. However, this matter of not liking the Israeli visa is more of a point of principle: other middle-eastern countries do not like Israel and make it a point to refuse entry if they see an Israeli stamp. You do not leave Egypt and vanish into thin air. They know the geography, but they do not like the stamp. Look at it as a constant reminder for the Israeli custom officer that there are neighbours who do not like them. I cross the border often and they get annoyed when you ask them not to stamp your passport. Look at it that way.

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